The First Steps Towards Losing the Baby Weight: Months 5 & 6

Losing the baby weight hasn’t been easy going from birth through where we are now in Month 5, has it? What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and I definitely feel and AM a lot stronger now than I was pre-baby from this whole experience!


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Your kiddo is officially heading towards their half birthday! The body has miraculously regained strength and joint stability, so it’s time to up the ante once again!


Here’s next steps to keep in mind as you glide into Months 5 & 6!


1. BE AHEAD OF THE PLATEAU:  What worked for us then may not work for us now. We took some time in the first month to rebuild the core while slowly adding in more intensity and impact with cardio and strength workouts. Around 8+ weeks is about the time that the body can head into a plateau. You may also be weaning or still breastfeeding. It’s best to keep all of those things in mind. If you feel like your body is coming to a halt with progression on weight or inches being lost, it may be time to adjust something in your plan! Try a new workout, push harder in your intervals, increase the weight or reps – any adjustment can be a great challenge for the body!

2. USE YOUR MUNCHKIN:  Our workouts don’t have to take time AWAY from our little one! I know all too well how important spending time with K is for me each day. Do I enjoy workouts on my own, duh. Do I enjoy workouts with her? Not ALL of the time, let’s be real, but much of the time it’s fun to use her AS my resistance buddy! She’s great for squats, challenges my planks, and likes to watch mama sweat her a** off while clapping to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

3. LOOK HOW FAR YOU’VE COME TO SEE HOW FAR YOU’RE GOING:  Don’t compare yourself to any other post-baby body! It’s easy to head over to the Instagram machine, click on explore, type in #postbabybody, and scroll through the feed while saying to yourself “Oh man, I don’t look like those girls!” Stop it! Filters, angles, different stories can add to the variance between those pics and your true self. Compare YOU TO YOU. That’s your only comparison you need to worry about. Don’t even compare you to your OLD YOU. You birthed a beautiful baby, which is a feat in and of itself, so you’re on the come-back even stronger now!



4. INCREASE THE INTERVAL TRAINING AND INTENSITY:  I remember telling myself “There’s NO WAY you’re going to be able to jump high again, what about your knees?!” It had been at least a year since I did my high jumps and crazy intense workouts. It’s not to say I went back into it with my forehead first into harder and more intense workouts. It meant that I added a little bit more on at a time trusting the process I followed leading me into months 5 & 6. I tell my clients to trust their hard work that’s lead them to now be able to do harder workouts as well. This means that you can go one notch faster in those sprints, shoot to run about :15 faster for that half mile, extend that interval from 30 to 45 seconds. You’ve got this!


5. SET SOME SOLID GOLD GOALS:  Our initial goal may have been to ‘lose the baby weight’ but lets make it more than just about that! What about bigger picture? Are there races or hard goals (SMART goals) you want to see happen this year? Sign up for that race, say that goal OUT LOUD so that you are held accountable. It could be time to clean out that closet and take back out those pre-baby clothes that you haven’t even looked at in almost a year. Keep the goal party going past the initial first 6 months because as time goes on you ONLY GET STRONGER and IMPROVE!



You’ve got this mama, you’ve done harder sh** than this before like having a baby right?!


What are some of your post-baby-body goals you want to say out loud?


Need help with programming or want to workout together on your post-baby-body progress? Contact me and let’s chat!

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