4 Tips to Rock Your Group Fitness Class in the New Year


Are you NEW to group fitness or have been teaching for some time and want to RAMP UP your class as we head into a new year with NEW faces?!


As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for the past decade, I know the highs and lows of the seasons we face as group fitness instructors. There are times when our classes are super full and others where we end up having a solo session with ourselves. As we have new members joining our classes starting off 2018 with a focus on fitness, it’s good to refresh our approach so that we can be as successful as possible!




We may have gotten used to our regulars in our classes or to a schedule we’ve been on for a while. With the new year, we have updated class schedules and different students giving classes a try. Why not make every experience for your class a warm one? I try to get to class early enough to welcome new students, introduce myself by name, and repeat their name back 3 times [somehow in conversation] to remember their names. I also make sure to give a little bit of background as to who I am and how I got into teaching so they feel comfortable and never intimidated!



“Circuit training” or “Cycle” or any class can have a very general description that draws students to try the class. YOU are the one who they come back for time and time again! As fun flare with your playlist and way that you motivate your class. Find a fine balance between being the ‘drill sergeant’ and loving trainer who wants to push someone to be their best even if for an hour a day. Create themed classes and dress up every once in a while! You’ll be surprised what adding personal flare can do for your following and class size over time!



Remember what I said about remembering someone’s name by saying it in conversation somehow 3 times when meeting them? I have been working on remembering names since I started teaching and it’s never worked against me. Whenever I was new, it kept my class patient with me and enjoying our time together even if I missed a step or interval set. It also created friendships and connections between myself and my students where we looked forward to seeing each other each class. Like I said in #2, making a class your own and having a connection with your students can go a long way for longevity.



Here’s where things get technical and a little ‘work-related’, friends. We can’t just show up a minute after our class start time, teach and leave and expect our students to have enjoyed their experience. Preparation is key for a class to be successful. Being a bit early helps you set up and prepare to ensure you are ready for snafus; i.e. a new phone not plugging into the Aux of a stereo system in a classroom. Having modifications ready for beginners or for those with injuries ensures that your students all can work within their own level, even if not advanced like your regulars. Reviewing your playlist one last time and making sure your interval sets fit into the needed time you have to teach can be a lifesaver to catch mistakes you may have made and hadn’t seen the first time around.


No matter what format you teach, you teach group fitness because you LOVE IT – we all know it’s never for the money! Taking small steps to make our classes new and improved help us to do what we love with even more fresh faces in the new year!


If you have any questions about how to change things up with your class or for tips from a previous instructor Master Trainer, email or message me!


What do you do to make your classes stand out?

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