A Shift in Perspective: I Don’t HAVE TO, I GET TO

Perspective can change everything.

I don’t know if anyone else is like me (cough, cough) but I can be Debbie Downer on some days. When the odds are stacked up against me and I feel “It’s not fair” I can feel the desire to crawl into a dark hole creep up within me. Whenever I take the time to pray through my struggles, and He listens to my heart, I’m reminded that it’s all about perspective. It’s up to me to shift my train of thought so that I have a tender heart and know that He never gives me more than I can handle at any given point and time.


I don’t HAVE TO live in a full house, I GET TO make memories with my family.

My little one gets to experience life with her grandmother. My mother gets to live a life in retirement happily chasing her granddaughter. My husband and I have the person we trust the most watching our little one most of the time. We get to eat dinner together as a family and share our day together. We get to take time away from each other when needed while also enjoying time as one family. I get to know that we did the right thing, made the right decision, and are trusting our faith more now than we ever have. I get to share the love of Jesus with my mom and work to set an example of a godly home for her.



I don’t HAVE TO feel overwhelmed as a mom of the house, I GET TO serve my family.

I get to be the one my little one crawls all over as she discovers how to climb and move. I get to laugh and play like a big kid with my fur child and my one-year-old. I get to pick up after everyone in the house which is a reminder that I live in a house with a happy and healthy family. I get to be sure that my husband has food for his week as he heads to work and I get to be sure his workout clothes are ready to go. I get to be the one to hug K when she’s upset and be the first one she runs up to when she gets up in the morning. I feel blessed to be the matriarch of the household, no matter what stress comes my way.



I get to take naps with the cutest kids ever.



I get to make my own schedule so that I have time to be present with my little one. I get to take her out to play dates and watch her socialize and make friends. I get to see her personality blossom even in her moments of the temper tantrum.



I get to dismiss any negative people, thoughts, tasks, surroundings, social media that interferes with me serving this little family of mine. I get to make the rules that fit into our world.


I don’t HAVE TO workout and eat right most of the time, I GET TO keep my sanity through fitness and be a bada**.

Many moons ago I learned that fitness was much more than just about fitting into that midriff or bikini; fitness was about maintaining a healthy balance with both mind and body. I get to get up before everyone else in the house and sweat out all of my anxiety and ick. I get to have alone time bettering myself. I get to see how truly capable I am, in the midst of difficulty and misdirection. I get to jam out to mama-music [sans toddler tunes and including the occasional F-bomb.]



I get to feel like Katrina: the warrior woman. I get to pray for strength and find solace in my time alone.



I get to celebrate the days that I win and learn from the days that I fail. I get to see my body transform from overweight to healthy to pregnant to fit-mama. I get to prove to others that ANYTHING is possible through hard work, grit, and the sheer determination to never ever give up.


I don’t HAVE TO work, I GET TO train amazing clients and their families.

I’ve worked in may jobs that felt like work. When I took an honest look at the time I had in each day, I realized I needed to balance ‘work-work’ with enjoyment and what fulfilled His purpose. For me, that rested in me getting back to teaching classes a couple of times a week and targetting my niche towards helping family members learn simple ways to be healthy while sharing what they learned with their other family members.  I get to watch my clients improve their physical performance while also achieving fitness goals that better their lives and confidence. I get to work with teens and adolescents who need someone to share tips and tools with them they can take into their later years [much like I wish I had back when I was younger.] I get to see internal and external change in hardworking people who just want to be their best selves as much as I do each day.




I don’t HAVE TO serve and volunteer, I GET TO use my time to help when I can with what I can.

I get to spend hours each week with our church family either serving at church or studying His word. I get to help parents enjoy church service without the distraction of their little ones while I help watch them in the Children’s ministry. I get to be around people who are walking side-by-side with me through life and who support me on this walk. I get to use my free time to donate blood when I can. I get to sit on a bus and talk to amazing volunteers as we ensure there’s a stead blood support. We work to show our support for our city after what happened on October 1. I get to donate to good causes with what we’ve got to use what He’s provided us to better this world we live in.




There are those moments. The ones where I want to crawl into bed and just cry. The ones where I hide in my closet, put headphones on, and space out. The ones where I read my book until I fall asleep so that I can drown out the noise of the world. I have moments just like you do. I get it; I truly do.



Our lives weren’t meant to be lived perfectly. Even as we glance at social media and see the display of “I have this… I look like this…..Check out my new ____… I got to travel to ____ …” we can feel resentment with what we have or don’t have. We have to look away from that and turn out focus inward. What we have is special and unique to our individual life; it’s what we were meant to learn from and live through. In each season of life where can be ups and downs and highs and lows and peaks and valleys; the goal is to shift our thought. We have to remember that perspective can change everything. 

HI! I'M KAT - I am a pug-mom, wife, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, & Fitness Coach focusing on living the fit life while tackling work, coaching others - doing it all! My blog is to hold me accountable for all the goals I plan on accomplishing and also a way for me to try to inspire others through my own experiences - if I can do it ANYONE can! Fitness is a huge part of my life as well as travel and seeing all that life has to be lived! PAY IT FORWARD!

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