My Week in Training (5/6-5/13) Bad Happens in 3’s?

I’m happy to even post that I HAVE a Week in Training post for this week after the one I’ve had! I always have the energy to give all of these amazing mantras in hopes of inspiring myself and others.


“Embrace the SUCK”

“Embrace the HARD”

“You can get through this, you can get through anything!”


… and then I received a Jury Duty summons during a super-crazy-busy month.


take a deep breath


The schedule I am SO USED to was adjusted …


…. and then there were 5 firemen in my living room working on my mom and she was rushed to the hospital.



Don’t worry! Mom is on the mend and we’re back into the swing of things as I gear up to head to Phoenix with AFAA and then Chicago to visit NOW Foods! Praise the Lord my mom is back to good health and we’re continuing to pray that stays on the upswing!

… and then

OH WAIT! Then, Gary got into an auto accident. Yup, some douche in a huge Ford F250 plowed into him after running a stop sign behind him. He’s okay, thank you, but sore and not happy at all.




Murphy’s Law, please be true


Things I learned from this week a.k.a. a Public Service Announcement for my friends & readers:

ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES. Sacrifice can mean an adjusted schedule, earlier wake-up calls, or canceled work and plans to make things as smooth as they can be in the chaos.


In a nutshell

I have just learned to MAKE IT WORK. Life’s always going to be crazy, so am I going to whine like a baby or take it on to become stronger in the end? Duh, the second option!


Non-Scale Progress = Inspiration to Keep Going

Do you like those “On this day” posts on Facebook as much as I do? I happen to also get them on my Google photos app and this gem came up in my feed this week from one year ago:



My amazing friend Melanie did a mini-photoshoot with me this week. Here’s a shot to compare with the previous photo from that shoot — showing my feelings towards Mother’s Day week:



Say what?? Yes, I’ve lost about 50 pounds since my pregnancy journey, but the photo proof means so much more! I am feeling the leanest I’ve ever felt in my LIFE. If I quit note because of ‘circumstance,’ where does that leave me when things get WORSE (let’s pray that they don’t)?


Inspiration found.


I also got to hang out with these amazing ladies (+ a few more who didn’t stay for the photo) this week at my Mom& Me class at Athleta Henderson:



We didn’t do too much shopping damage and earned it with a Fusion Circuit class beforehand! It was a reviving experience. I was given a glimpse into the future of how amazing it’ll be to workout alongside of my daughter. This was yet another reminder for me to EMBRACE the SUCK this week!


Do you #PlankADay? Mine have been more like #NekkedPlankADay action before showers or whenever I can fit them in post-sweatfest, but the goal is consistency. A strong core isn’t always made with movement or a crunching action; isometric holds increase stability and cause less strain on the skeletal system.



Usually, my usual training outline during this cycle looks like this –

Sunday – Easy Run/Hike + a 30-45 min easy Peloton Ride

Monday – 30 Minutes of Core stability Metabolic Conditioning + 45 min hard Peloton Ride

Tuesday – 20 Minutes of Strength Complex Training + 30-45 min easy Peloton Ride

Wednesday – 20 Minutes of Core stability Metabolic Conditioning + 2 miles with the pup + 45 min Moderate Peloton Ride

Thursday – 45 min easy Peloton Ride + easy hiking/walking

Friday – 10 Minutes of Circuit Training + 45 min hard Peloton Ride

Saturday – 60 Minutes of Endurance on Peloton + whatever else I want


For the Week of 5/6, Peloton Rides looked like this:


2018-05-06 07:46 (PDT) On Demand Denis Morton 30 min Intervals & Arms Ride
2018-05-07 06:20 (PDT) On Demand Matt Wilpers 60 min Power Zone Endurance Ride
2018-05-08 12:22 (PDT) On Demand Robin Arzon 45 min Pop Ride
2018-05-09 06:32 (PDT) On Demand Robin Arzon 45 min Tabata Ride
2018-05-10 06:41 (PDT) On Demand Denis Morton 30 min Low Impact Ride
2018-05-10 14:51 (PDT) On Demand Alex Toussaint 20 min Pop Ride
2018-05-11 14:45 (PDT) Live Robin Arzon 45 min Live DJ Ride
2018-05-12 06:18 (PDT) On Demand Matt Wilpers 60 min Power Zone Endurance Ride



Sweat happened. Sweat kept me sane. Sweat is my go-to drug that heals everything!


… and we still had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend OUT of the hospital!


How do you get through bumps in the road that shake up your workout routine?

Any prayer requests I can help you out with? (feel free to even email or message me!)


HI! I'M KAT - I am a pug-mom, wife, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, & Fitness Coach focusing on living the fit life while tackling work, coaching others - doing it all! My blog is to hold me accountable for all the goals I plan on accomplishing and also a way for me to try to inspire others through my own experiences - if I can do it ANYONE can! Fitness is a huge part of my life as well as travel and seeing all that life has to be lived! PAY IT FORWARD!

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