Fit Pro Business Travel Tips: Efficiency Saves Time!

Sometimes saying the word “Travel” can instill immediate feelings of stress and of feeling overwhelmed. It’s completely natural! Being in a profession where you have to travel as a PART of your job causes some of us to force ourselves to shift those thoughts. We have no choice but to buck up and figure life out!


It doesn’t have to be overwhelming

If I’ve learned one thing about myself, it’s that I get overwhelmed easily. I like to be a perfectionist of sorts, so I’ve had to work on that as I’m sure many of you have! An overwhelming task or situation can be brought back down to earth. My solution: Breaking everything down into smaller incremental pieces to tackle a little at a time!


Here’s how my brain works:

  • How many days will you be away? Will you have laundry available?
  • What kinds of clothes do you need to pack? How many shoes does that require? What is the climate like?
  • Will there be food provided where you’re going? Is there access to a grocery store? What snacks should I take?
  • Can I get away with just packing a carry-on?




So, you know I have to break that down and PLAN!


Plan ahead to save yourself a headache

Organization happens to be a strength of mine as well as a detriment to my existence! When taking trips of any length or duration, organizing helps us to avoid missing items or missing the boat completely on our needs for our trip!



Why leave earlier for the airport than you have to or sit in close proximity to all of the germs for longer than you have to?


Ways to stay organized for a more efficient trip:

  • Know the # of days you are traveling
  • Pack medications in organization containers to avoid missing medicine
  • Pack enough snacks for while you’re on the plane and in your room to avoid getting HANGRY
  • Bring your own EMPTY water bottle to fill up on your journey; never go THIRSTY or DEHYDRATE



  • Separate clothes by day so you know you have enough and then some – there’s a balance between packing ENOUGH and OVERPACKING
  • Pack just enough shoes, not too many; they’re way too bulky
  • Print hotel and transportation information in case you’re unable to access your phone
  • If able to, TSA pre-check makes life a breeze when having to plan time to get through the airport



Don’t get sucked into the airport life

When I first started to travel frequently, a little switch would flick on as soon as I made it through security and into the airport. The sugary goodness in the souvenir store … the availability of quick eats around every corner … I was in a mini-mall-food-court with endless possibilities! Why would I need anything else other than what was right in front of me? Using the organization tips above, we can avoid making wrong nutrition decisions and survive!



Extra tips:

  • Have hand sanitizer and antibiotic ointment ready since there can be germs from ALL OF THE PEOPLE



All it takes is a little planning, a little packing, and a little plotting for a trip to go SWELL!





What tips would you add to this list?

Does planning a trip make you feel overwhelmed too?

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