Hubby Will Be Taking on 26.2 Miles at the NYCM with Beyond Type 1!

I really wanted to title this post “Guess who will be running 26.2 miles in NYC this fall?!” but that would’ve been too easy, right?






I think that it’s time in our blogging relationship for me to be open and honest and 100% REAL without any funny business. HA! Who am I kidding?


I digress …


I have been waiting a while to write this post. A post where I get to brag about your friendly neighborhood husband of mine, Gary!



How did this all come about?

Many of you know that I ran my own 26.2-mile journey 5 years ago in 2013 at the Marine Corps Marathon. Running for a charity made that experience that much more special for me. Focusing on others, dedicating miles to those we want to honor, takes the focus off of us and gives the honor to those who deserve it the most! During that training, Gary was always right by my side. Unfortunately, he was unable to run with me due to just coming off of back-to-back ankle surgeries that required longer recovery than expected. Whenever he could, he would meet me at water stops or even ride his bike along-side of me to keep me company on my longer runs. Since the day he saw me cross the finish line in Washington, D.C. it’s been a goal of his to endure the marathon training journey himself.


We are Beyond Type 1

As Gary’s P.I.C. [Partner in Crime] I’ve also been his biggest advocate working together with him and one of our favorite Type One Diabetes charities, Beyond Type 1. I’ve written an article for them [advice for partners of someone with T1D from a wife] and we’ve done another fundraiser together to work on finding a cure for Type 1, which is impacting more and more families each and every day.



We started riding our Peloton bike as soon as it was delivered, and Gary was as hooked as I was. He immediately took interest in riding with one of my favorites instructors also, Robin Arzon. An amazing ultramarathoner who went from corporate lawyer to endurance athlete, Robin has openly shared that she is also Type 1 Diabetic [being recently diagnosed within the last 10 years.] Both of us love Robin’s no-nonsense approach to instruction to push us to new heights and keep the bar rising on our potential off and on the bike.


Once I started to follow Robin on social media, being the social media stalker that I am, I saw that she was leading a team of Type 1 athletes through their New York City Marathon training journey to run the race last year. As soon as I shared that with G, he made it known to me that he wanted to be on that team the next year they did the selection for new team members.


He also knows that I will never let him back down from a goal or a commitment. Not if I have anything to do about it. I wouldn’t want him to let me EVER back down.




He worked on his submission, only asking me to help him pick his final video edit. Who was this guy doing video who always hid from most of my Instagram story indulgences? After much anticipation received word he’d made the team!


You can meet the rest of his KICKA** team here: The 2018 Beyond Type Run NYCM Team


NYCM, here he comes!

G has been released to moderate activity after he had an icky car accident (in my baby, luckily no one else was in the car and he’s on the mend.)

He’s got plenty of time to ramp up his training, safely, and is going to make sure that he learns [mostly] how to properly fuel and see how his body adjusts to the increased use of sugars in his body. More recently, G has been great about testing out different types of fuel for his activity and he’ll be primarily using NOW Foods products for supplementation and Honey Stinger for his fuel!


He will be sharing his journey on his social channels, and you know I will too!


How can you help?

Any positive cheerleading will beef up anyone’s motivation to keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Also, any donations are welcome at Gary’s fundraising page — we have a goal to raise $3000 minimum to keep working with Beyond Type 1 on Type 1 Diabetes awareness and research!


Check out G’s fundraising page by clicking on this graphic:



If you or someone you know has Type 1 Diabetes and wants more resources on lifestyle, tips, fitness, running, or just amazing content be sure to check out the BEYOND TYPE ONE page for more details! They tons of T1D nuggets for everyone to learn more!

Knowledge is POWER!



We know there are so many causes you can donate your time and money to and hope that Beyond Type 1 and Gary’s NYCM Journey will be one that inspires you in 2018 and beyond!

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