The Hidden Component of Health: Restful Sleep (Orb Sleep Complex Review)

Sleep, oh Glorious Sleep! I’m sure you’re me and think “How in the world do you mix the words ‘Glorious’ and ‘Sleep’ together into one sentence together without adding in ‘I never get any …’ beforehand?” I get it, friend, we are all in dire need of restful sleep so that we can tackle everyday life. Yet, it seems like one of the components of our health we don’t get enough of every day. So, it can impact how the rest of our life pans out and take a toll in all sorts of ways!




I’m positively sure we’re Instagram buddies, so you can relate to the Boss Baby humor on this topic …


Why does this even matter?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or not, whether you work full time or don’t, many of us aren’t getting enough hours of restful sleep to operate at full capacity each day! Our bodies NEED sleep in order to recover, function, and generate cells and energy we need to live out each day. What many of us tend to do is to focus mainly on what we eat and working out in order to stay healthy and even lose weight. Our organs and muscles regenerate new cells when we sleep. Our brains get to recharge when we sleep.


I’ve been guilty of this habit in the past until I entered motherhood.


Some lessons learned are hard ones

Feeling what TRUE sleep deprivation felt like made me realize just how important it was that I fit in restful sleep each and every day. I had no idea how it felt to try to operate like a fully-functional human on only 2-3 hours (at MOST) of sleep at a time. In fact, I didn’t! I was complete zombie trying to juggle work and baby and fitness and LIFE. I knew I had to learn how to nap which was something I hadn’t done much of before. I also had to make time to get to bed earlier and take advantage of the times that The Mini Trainer was asleep.


Especially on business trips, I nap like a BOSS. You should to; I’ll totally root you on!


Oops, I did it again

Lately, however, I’ve been trying to be 17 again and staying up super late watching shows on Netflix or Hulu to decompress from the day. This new habit has now caused me to be going to bed overstimulated and not getting good quality sleep that I need. I mean, I NEED to have the energy to tackle classes and workouts and to chase this toddler who IS the Boss Baby in my house!


ORB Sleep Complex came just in time to nip my Netflix binge habit in the bud!


I was given the opportunity to review ORB Sleep Complex and hopped at the chance to see how it would impact my ability to fall asleep better and get better quality sleep as a result!



How it all went down

I took a dose after a Netflix binge that I cut short after realizing I had no need to know what Deb did once she saw Dexter kill the Doomsday Killer … again. According to the dosing instructions, 30 minutes before planning to hit the hay was the way to go. I decided to try half a dose since I’m more petite than I give myself credit for sometimes (hello, lightweight) and then headed up to my room (where we have no TV) and read some of my bible studies instead. I felt my body begin to relax comfortably; I didn’t have any feelings like I was going to ‘Konk Out’ at the drop of a dime. I finished up my studies and said a little prayer as I dozed off to sleep peacefully.



How was the next morning?

I didn’t have any moments of tossing and turning in the night and hen I got up in the morning, guys, I was shocked at how ready for the day I was!




Usually, like many of you, I do take a slight bit of caffeine to get me in the ‘mood’ to workout. This particular morning I had to stop and think about having caffeine to get the day started since I wasn’t as groggy as I normally wake up. I felt rested, energized to start the day, and clarity I’m not used to feeling on a regular basis. I also usually tend to wake up and immediately feel anxious for what’s to be done in the day and I didn’t have those feelings! I felt like I could just hop up and get going without worrying about all of the things!


I see this being something I am happy to use to calm myself down and quiet the day away to get my a** to sleep!


How can I get my hands on this goodness?

You guys can feel free to purchase Orb Sleep Complex online (everywhere) or at their local Costco (in your home state and/or California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado); if not a Costco member, it’s available at Your best bet is to take advantage of Costco prices if you’re a member!


I think ORB is definitely worth the shot and have already recommended it to many of my friends I know who work odd shifts and have trouble winding down to get their sleep in each day!


** If you have ORB-related questions I didn’t cover, be sure to check out for more information and specifics!


** Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post which means that I was compensated for my time for this review and post. However, this review is a 100% honest review of the ORB Sleep Complex supplement. All opinions in this post are my own.


Have you seen the difference between restful and not-so-restful sleep in your day?

Would you see yourself trying out ORB?

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