Fit Pro Business Travel Tips: Workouts on the Road

Business travel, or travel of any kind, can challenge us to continue to get our workouts in! I make no judgments when people tell me “But, Kat, I am on vacation or traveling so I just don’t plan to workout those days.” To each their own! I know my level of crazy, and it’s one that requires that I stay in constant motion. I do what I can with what I’ve got when I can. I totally get it, though! You’re already out of your element in a new city, or even a new country. So, would adding on more routine switch-ups be helpful?




I mean, what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you – right?


Here are some ways that I get workouts in on the road!


First things first: Pack the right stuff so you CAN get it done

If you don’t pack running shoes or workout shoes, there’s not really any way to get a workout in is there? I mean, you could score a great yoga workout in, but let’s stay with the point here. Consistency is key even when it comes to packing for your upcoming trip. All it takes is time to pack sneakers in a bag for your luggage + a couple of sets of workout clothes and your’e solid!



Remembering to hang out your sweaty clothes can be helpful too. No one wants to open their suitcase only to find some stench known as “Oh yea, that’s me.”

Check out the hotel gym – heck even do it beforehand

I am that creeper that checks out the “Amenities” section when booking a hotel to see just what all I get for my [less-than-24-hour] stay. I never turn down free breakfast, free WiFi, or a bangin’ gym!



Trust me, it may not mean much to you until you get there! I have been in the tiniest of hotel gyms and the stinkiest of them as well. It’s a breath of fresh air to find one that’s your gym-away-from-home! If you are being booked for a hotel or rental where there’s just no option, know that you don’t need a gym to get workouts in! Keep reading, friend!


Wait, you nut, what about being without your Peloton?

You may know that I am a tad hooked on my Millenium Peloton. It’s been a ridiculously awesome way that I’ve been able to get in interval, steady-state, and strength-building cardio in my living room and without jarring my joints! If you check out my Instagram stories, you know that I have a tendency to ride the sh** out of my bike quite literally. So, when I’m not able to hop on my bike I sometimes have small cases of withdrawal.




Hey, I do my best to buck up with my big girl panties on and make a Plan B! I have used THIS guide to show me which hotels in the country have actual bikes and know that I can replicate any sort of interval/cardio workouts on my own using what I’ve got!


As long as you give no F’s about others seeing you drip massive amounts of sweat on substitute cycle bikes, go for it!



If I don’t have any luck there, first world problems, I know that I can use their digital app to get loads of other content and workouts including rides. Long as I don’t get stuck with a recumbent bike, I’m solid!


K doesn’t mind sharing her iPad with me. It’s the least she can do after making me watch Boss Baby 1000 trillion times.


Apps on apps on apps

Whether it’s an app for workouts or one to track runs and activity, there’s way too many to choose from to not have favorites locked and loaded! Here are some of my faves:

  • Peloton Digital – Outdoor and indoor run content, indoor cycle workouts, bootamp workouts, stretch & yoga
  • Strava – Run Tracking
  • Nike Run – Run Tracking + guided run options
  • Beachbody on Demand – Digital Workouts of all durations and variations
  • Youtube – FREE content, just be sure you stay safe!


Find local classes

Being a group fitness instructor myself, I always appreciate being the student and learning from others! There’s such an array of talent across the country and globe, and no better time to check it out whenever in town!


I was pumped to check out a Barry’s Bootcamp class in San Diego! The sore next couple of days were a reminder to keep trying new classes!


Google maps and Yelp are perfect ways to check out local studios and gyms in the area you’re visiting. If you’re someone who’s motivated by being in a group or are even able to sway a buddy to go with you it’s a sweaty option for sure!


You can run anywhere

No matter if you’re a slow or fast or walking or interval runner, it’s one of the easiest ways to stay active on the road! It’s one of my favorite ways to see a city! Driving around, you don’t get to see the intricate details of a town or experience what it’s like to check out the coastline and areas not accessible with a vehicle.



Of course, always practice safety, friends! I try not to have my headphones on for runs when I’m solo – especially not in a new city. I also make sure to be super observant of the traffic laws so that I don’t risk getting smooshed!


What are some of your favorite ways to keep moving while on the road?



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